About Us

The Center for Corporate Financial Research (CCFR) is an independent research and exchange platform, based at the China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR), Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Through a combination of academic research and case studies, CCFR is committed to helping industry and companies upgrade and strategically transform. We are also dedicated to assisting Shanghai in its efforts to advance as an international financial center. CCFR is working to become a top tier think-tank in Corporate Finance and to become an influential international platform for research and exchange.

Complete Portfolio of Financial Academic Services
 • High-end research, advisory, and dialogue platform for government, business, and academia.
 • Practical education services in corporate finance.
 • Publisher of market and industry research reports.

Research Area

Committee Members

Chun Zhang
Director General

Executive Dean, Professor of Finance, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Heping Cao
Chief Economist

Professor, Department of Development Economics, Doctoral Supervisor, Vice President, Institute of Digital China, Peking University

Haoliang Shi
Vice Director

Chairman of INFOTM

Jianxin Xia
Vice Director

General Manager of Ruiyin Shengjia Asset Management Company Limited

Yang Zhou
Vice Director

Chairman of Chuangke18.com

Jun Qian
Director of CCFR

Professor of Finance, Co-Director of the DBA/EMBA/EE Programs, Associate Director of CAFR

Wenyao Wu
Deputy Director of CCFR

Ping An Trust Investment Marketing Director

Cen Xu
Vice-director of CCFR

Chairman of Hengjiu Wealth Management