About Us

China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR) is a research institute affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We are devoted to establishing a top-notch open financial research platform and think tank to support the financial reform and financial market development in China.

CAFR introduces cutting-edge finance theories, methodologies and technologies to studying practical issues in China’s financial system reform and financial market development, and our research team is composed of leading scholars in finance from home and abroad. We provide policy advice to government decision makers as well as solutions to financial institutions and corporations.

CAFR collaborates with China’s government agencies closely and has been appointed as the academic research partner of the People’s Bank of China, Shanghai Head Office. We have established extensive research network with institutions in academia and financial industry as well.

We also host high-end event series for scholars, government officials and industry elites to exchange ideas. Shanghai Finance Forum, one of our event series, has been recognized as an impactful communication platform to address the issues in developing Shanghai into an international financial center.