CAFR-BBD Joint Research Lab

BBD is one of the first high-tech enterprises to explore and practice big data technology and digital economy industry development in China. It has a complete big data integrated service product line and a wealth of industry solutions. At the same time, it has built a leading enterprise database and model libraries in China. It has strong data governance and modeling capabilities, and is committed to building an "all-in-one" platform: The world's leading big data financial technology and government governance think-tank service institution.


Around “Belt and Road”、 “Digital China” and other national strategies, BBD has built up three main business systems and models for government, enterprises and financial markets, forming a service chain with value superposition and functional linkage, covering many fields such as credit system construction, government regulation, financial risk control, macro economy, public safety and so on. Facts and Forecasts are the two core values that we provide to our customers, helping the government, enterprises and financial institutions to improve the effectiveness of decision-making.


In addition, BBD Enterprise Credit Evaluation Service Co., Ltd. is also a pioneer in China's credit evaluation area based on big data financial technology. The company's main business scope covers enterprise qualification credit evaluation, credit rating evaluation and other related aspects.


The company builds a credit risk assessment system using its innovative hologram approach, and is a pioneer in credit rating business based on big data. Based on big data, relying on talents and technological advantages, the company provides credit evaluation solutions for the financial market, and is committed to establishing an evaluation system that integrates China's credit market with international standards.


CAFR-BBD Joint Research Lab focuses on the service and implementation of big data in the financial field.


It is a major issue of great social significance and practical value to make full use of science and technology finance. In this context, the Joint Research Lab emerges as the times require.


The laboratory will apply the latest scientific and technological methodologies to serve risk management and supervision, and build a fintech big data innovation research base.


It will integrate cutting-edge technologies with advanced industrial development and practices, and will produce series of pioneering innovative results, promoting the industrial upgrading and development at different levels among ideas, practice and business models.