Financial Market Research Center | CAFR

About Us

The Financial Market Research Center combines the advanced marketing theory with up to date practice to study the Chinese financial market by focusing on the unique business practice and economic environment in the Chinese market. It helps financial organizations to develop optimal marketing strategy and build their brand influence. With the ability of research, teaching, consulting, and publication, the center aims to develop into a research platform, a consultancy, and think tank for financial marketing.

The Center was founded in 2021 at Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance under direction of Professor Xinlei Chen, a renowned scholar in marketing area. The center has strong partnership within various industries and institutions, providing an unmatched resource for researchers and practitioners.

Products and Services

Today, the Financial Marketing Research Center focuses on the development of a set of core products with a combination of teaching, research, publication and consultancy.

 • Developing applicable and tailored marketing course to firms and financial organizations.
 • Conducting marketing research that links cutting edge theories to the real problem under current Chinese Financial market.
 • Publishing research reports that shed light on marketing and branding insights in the financial market.
 • Offering effective consulting service for financial organizations.