Risk Management Center

As China's economy grows continuously, all kinds of risks arise. Individuals, enterprises and the state are facing different types of risks. How to manage these risks effectively has become a critical issue, which calls for a professional think tank focused on risk management. The think tank should not only possess a global vision but also put its concentration on China’s future development needs. In the meantime, it should be able to identify and measure various risks that China is facing , and generate feasible solutions as well as policy proposals to manage these risks. The Risk Management Center, led by Prof. David X. Li, is such a think tank. In light of the situation of China's financial industry, the Center employs cutting-edge ideas to conduct risk management research and provide frameworks, methodologies and tools for national regulatory authorities, financial institutes, enterprises, and individual investors. The Center will also build itself into an international platform for communication by hosting groups of experts both at home and abroad to conduct fruitful and in-depth discussions over relevant issues.