SAIF Center for Sustainable Investment

About Us

Nowadays, investors have become more conscious about the environmental impact that their investment has on the world. They recognize that their investment is not simply about risk and return, but it has a tangible effect on people and the planet. Hence, the demand for “Sustainable investment” is on the rise. Sustainable investment responds to the desire to invest purposefully by exploring ways to manage and grow assets, to generate financial returns from investments, while considering and monitoring the impact of the invested assets on the environment and the society.

In September 2020, China unveiled a guideline on the country’s work to achieve the dual carbon-level goals, along with an action plan for the country to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030, and to be carbon neutral before 2060. The guideline and action plan constitute China’s top-level policy design responding to climate change, and wider environmental challenges. The number and diversity of sustainable investments are growing in China as the country gradually moves toward a less carbon-based and greener economy.

As a top educational institution in finance and management in China with global perspectives, SAIF established in 2022 the Center for Sustainable Investment (Hereafter the Center or CSI) together with its global partners in order to build a world-leading platform for knowledge creation and talent development in the field of sustainable investment. The Center will play a critical part in helping Shanghai move towards making green finance a defining feature in its development of an International Financial Center and aims to help develop a sustainable investment ecosystem in China and globally, and to enable companies and institutions transition to a less carbon-dependent and greener future.

• Academic Research: The center leverages SAIF’s research capabilities and academic resources to establish extensive connections with international institutions and scholars. By conducting in-depth theoretical and empirical research in sustainable investment, the Center lays a solid and innovative academic foundation for the establishment of a sustainable investment ecosystem
• Think Tank & Advisory Services: The Center is developing a series of policy proposals for government agencies and financial institutions, covering green investment methodologies, benchmarks, strategies, evaluations, and regulations
• Talent Development: The Center is developing training programs for government sectors, regulatory agencies, financial institutions, asset management firms and other companies that are interested in sustainable investment
• Forums and workshops: Closed-door forums, academic workshops and conferences will be held among government agencies, financial institutions and corporates to promote ideas and best practices as well as to integrate resources from home and abroad to build a high-end international exchange platform
• Platform Construction: The Center has been exploring collaboration with more strategic partners to be part of the joint effort to transform the green investing landscape and address future environmental challenge.

Leadership Team

Guangshao TU
Chief Advisor of Advisory Council, CSI

Executive Director of the Board, SAIF

Shijun CHENG
Chair of the Board, CSI

Executive Dean, Professor of Accounting, SAIF

Hong YAN
Director, CSI

Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs and Faculty, Professor of Finance, SAIF

Director of the Academic Committee, CSI

Deputy Dean, Professor of Finance, SAIF