2024-6-20/21 The Third Biennial NBER-SAIF Research Conference  

2023-12-23 2023 The First China Sustainable Investment Development Forum - Jointly Advancing towards the Future: Green, Win-win and Sustainable  

2023-12-19 2023 SAIF Wealth Management Industry Development Forum and Sino-Swiss Wealth Management Talent Certification Project Conference  

2023-12-10 SAIF ThinkTank The 3rd Seminar of the Youth Training Camp  

2023-12-06 Closed-door Seminar on Data Compliance  

2023-12-05 SAIF ThinkTank Closed-door Seminar on Activate the Equity Exit Function of S Fund to Promote High-quality Investment in Science and Technology Quantitative Development  

2023-11-30 SAIF ThinkTank Closed-door Seminar on Digital Finance and Payment Industry Digital Development  

2023-11-29 Resident Investment and Financial Behavior with Wealth Management Services Forum  

2023-11-29 SAIF ThinkTank Close-door Review Meeting on Tax Policy and Innovation  

2023-11-23 CGMA Annual Awards and CFO Forum 2023  

2023-11-17 Shanghai Third Intermediate People's Court (Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, Shanghai Railway Transport Intermediate Court) & Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Academy of Financial Research, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony and Symposium on hot issues in the field of bankruptcy reorganization  

2023-11-13 SAIF ThinkTank Policy Research Symposium (Youth Training Camp)  

2023-11-06 2024 Thematic Discussion on Lujiazui Forum  

2023-11-04/05 Agenda for the 3rd session of the seminar series on Sustainable Finance-Exploration from the Phenomenological Perspective  

2023-10-18 SAIF ThinkTank Closed-door Seminar on Implications of Shanghai-Hong Kong Fintech Policy  

2023-10-17 PGIM IAS – SAIF Asia Research Conference  

2023-10-14 2023 The 23rd China Venture Capital Forum  

2023-10-14/15  Fourth Session of the Trading Sentiment Management Seminar Series  

2023-09-24  2023 SAIF ThinkTank Policy Research Young Talent Training Program   

2023-09-19  "2023 China Rising Affluent Financial Well-Being Index" Launch Event   

2023-09-07  Research Seminar on Development of Shanghai as an International Financial Center  

2023-08-31  "The Fourth Batch of Selected Bilingual Cases of Shanghai Financial Court" Launch Event and Seminar on Hot Issues of Financial Disputes   

2023-08-21/24  Research Seminar on CAFR-FinVolution Group Joint Research Lab  

2023-08-09  "Closed-door Applied Research Seminar on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AIGC) Compliance Development White Paper"   

2023-08-05/06  Exploration from the Phenomenological Perspective --Fourth Session of the Trading Sentiment Management Seminar Series  

2023-07-29/30  Alumni Day Agenda of Senior Management Class on Coal and Coke Futures  

2023-07-13  Digital Financial Innovation in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR: Policy, Application and Security Development   

2023-07-12/13  2023 Summer Insitute of Finance  

2023-07-10/11   2023 SAIF-CAFR Financial Research Summer Camp  

2023-07-10  Project Review Meeting on "Shanghai Green Finance Index"   

2023-07-10  Opening Agenda of the Fourth "Qifu School" Financial Literacy Summer Camp for the Second Generation of SAIF Alumni   

2023-07-06/09   2023 China International Conference in Finance  

2023-06-18  SAIF ThinkTank Youth Talent Training Program on Policy Research  

2023-06-17/18   Seminar Agenda of Pig Corporate Hedging  

2023-06-15  Finance Helps Innovative Enterprises Grow-- Closed-door Face-to-face Seminar with Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs and Professors  

2023-06-08/09  The 14th Lujiazui Forum 2023 Global Financial Opening-up and Cooperation: New Drivers of Economic Recovery   

2023-06-01  Closed-door Applied Research Seminar on Solutions of Legal Technology to Financial Credit Risk  

2023-05-30  SAIF ThinkTank Closed-door Seminar on The Application, Regulation and Development of ChatGPT and Other Generative AI in The Financial Industry  

2023-05-26  China Antitrust Seminar 2023  

2023-05-24  The 1st Chartered Global Fintech Conference 2023 (CGFT)  

2023-05-17  SAIF ThinkTank Closed-door Seminar on Venture Capital Project in Hangzhou  

2023-05-16  Final Project Review Meeting on China Quantitative Technology White Paper 2023  

2023-04-27  SAIF ThinkTank Closed-door Seminar on Digital Finance Research Project and Talent Training in Suzhou  

2023-04-25  SAIF ThinkTank Closed-door Seminar on Legal Technology in Hangzhou  

2023-04-11/12  SAIF ThinkTank Research Seminar on Data Intellectual Property  

2023-03-19  "Yangtze River New Finance" SAIF Lecture Series-Exploring Technological Advances and Applications   

2023-03-18  "Yangtze River New Finance" 2022 Annual Summit: New Finance and New Universe in The Era of Post Pandemic   

2023-03-09  Closed-door Seminar: New Trends on Fund Management Development in The New Era   

2023-03-07  "Yangtze River New Finance" SAIF Lecture Series- Commerial Characteristics and Investment Logics in The Cultural Industry   

2023-02-16  "Yangtze River New Finance" SAIF Lecture Series- the Secret of Capital and SRDI Corporate Development   

2023-02-14  Seminar on Green Finance   

2023-01-13  The 12th Kaiyin Lecture Hall   


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