CAFR-Jinchen Joint Research Lab

About Us

CAFR-Jinchen Joint Research Lab is a research institution affiliated to China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The laboratory focuses on the field of wealth management, while exploring innovative applications of digital finance in the gold industry, in order to investigate the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation in the sector. Grounded in state-of-art international theories and complemented by practical case studies, the laboratory is committed to researching cutting-edge issues in wealth management and financial gold industry, as well as seeking solutions.

The primary research areas of the laboratory include financial planning and investment management, investor behavior, financial literacy education, and the development of the gold industry, among others. It aims to provide valuable industry insights and decision support for investors, practitioners, and policymakers. Additionally, the laboratory has established long-term collaborations with research institutions, enterprises, and government departments, actively participating in academic exchanges both domestically and internationally. Through continuous deepening of cooperation, the laboratory strives to drive industry innovation and sustainability.