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Capital Markets Yearbook


Inspired by  Roger Ibbotson’s study of analyzing the long-term returns of the principal asset classes in the U.S. economy, we are dedicated to research China Capital Markets and attempt to provide unique insights of China Capital Markets  for government decision makers, academic researchers and institutional investors  home and aboard.
Our study contains more than 20 years of assets class information of China Capital Market. The study will bring an objective, independent historical perspective to investors and scholars.

  • •  Establish a robust and reliable China Financial Database  especially for academic researchers
    •  Analyze the  unique characteristics of China  Capital Markets   and provide customized investment advices and solutions
    •  Establish various index systems and set up the benchmarks for China Capital Markets
  • •  Access to leading financial database focusing on China Markets
    •  Unique Insights in China Capital Markets
    •  The experts team have more than twenty years of research experience in China Capital Markets