2023-07-06/09  2023 China International Conference in Finance   

2022-09-22   The 11th Kaiyin Lecture Hall and SAIF Wealth Forum (Hangzhou) Sub-forum   

2022-09-16   Corporate Compliance Management Series-Seminar on Hot Issues of Anti-monopoly   

2022-09-13   Digital Finance Workshop-Revision of the Regulations on Promoting Shanghai Municipality into the International Finance Center   

2022-09-05   SAIF ThinkTank Closed-door Seminar on Trends of Financial Investment in China's Fintech Industry   

2022-08-31   Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation between China Financial Futures Exchange and SAIF, SJTU   

2022-08-24   "Knowledge & Insight": CFO High-level Salon   

2022-08-19   A Dual-angle Analysis of the Compliance Management of Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Companies? Involving Anti-monopoly Ivestigations and Corporate Criminal Reporting Practices   

2022-07-11/12  Summer Institute of Finance   

2022-07-09/10  2022 SAIF-CAFR Financial Research Summer Camp   

2022-07-05/08  2022 China International Conference in Finance   

2022-05-13  The Closed-door Workshop on the Research Project of “Analysis of the Impact on Supply Chain: Effects of COVID-19 in Shanghai on Financial Markets”   

2022-04-20  Seminar on Asset Allocation and Risk Prevention for High Net Worth Individuals in the Current Situation   

2022-04-07  "Knowledge & Insight": CFO High-level Salon   

2022-03-10  SAIF Think Tank Closed Seminar on CIPS & Shanghai Cross-border Financial Service Development Research Topic   

2022-03-04  The 10th Kaiyin Lecture Hall and SAIF Wealth Forum (Hangzhou) Sub-forum   

2022-03-02  SAIF Think Tank Closed-door Seminar on the Impact of Western Sanctions Against Russian Banks on the International Finance and its Countermeasures   

2022-02-25  New Opportunity of Green Finance Against the Background of Being Carbon-neutral   

2022-01-19  SAIF Think Tank Closed-door Seminar of Supply Change, Opportunity and Strategy in the Post-Pandemic Era   

2022-01-18  Commercial Application Prospects of Metaverse From the Perspective of Technology Route   

2022-01-13  "Knowledge & Insight": CFO High-level Salon  

2021-12-25  Forum on Seminar on Shanghai’s Development as an International Financial Center 2021  

2021-12-04  The 3rd Shanghai Financial and Technological International Forum & The 1st Yangtze River Delta Financial and Technological Conference  

2021-11-29  Wealth Management Summit 2021– on the New Pattern of Wealth Management Industry Against the Background of Common Prosperity  

2021-11-19  Graduation Ceremony for Jiangbei New Area Advanced Seminar on New Finance 2021  

2021-11-17  Seminar on Yangtze River New Finance’s Green Finance  

2021-11-14  Jiangbei New Area Advanced Seminar on New Finance Opening Ceremony 2021  

2021-10-28  Press Conference of Wolters Kluwer Database Launching of “the 2nd Batch of Selected Cases (Chinese and English) Shanghai Financial Court” & Seminar on Hot Topics of Financial Disputes  

2021-10-27  Closed-door Seminar on Suzhou’s High-quality Development of Financial Industry in Shanghai   

2021-10-25   Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony Between People’s Bank of China Headquartered in Shanghai and Shanghai Jiao Tong University  

2021-10-20   The Series of Enterprise Compliance Management – Seminar on the Hot Topics of Advertising and Marketing  

2021-10-15  Sub-forum of 3rd SAIF (Hangzhou) Wealth Forum  

2021-10-14  Press Conference on Health Index of Wealth of Chinese Neo-wealthy Group 2021  

2021-09-24  Seminar on Shanghai’s Development as an International Financial Center  

2021-09-09  Based on Global Distribution of RMB Stablecoins in Public Blockchains: Seminar  on the Project of Necessity and Feasibility  

2021-08-27  Seminar on the Analysis of Financial Policy of Pudong Leading Area  

2021-08-18/20 Expert Review Meeting on Shanghai Financial Innovation Award  

2021-07-30/08-01  The 5th Final of the Selection of Financial Planner Elite  

2021-07-29  Series of Forum on the Elite Project of Financial Government by Law – on the Responsibility of Securities Intermediary  

2021-07-14  Press Conference on Investigation Report of Investment and Financial Planning of Chinese Citizens  

2021.07.12-13 Summer Institute of Finance Conference  

2021-07-10/11 2021 SAIF-CAFR Financial Research Summer Camp  

2021.07.06-09 2021 China International Conference in Finance   

2021-06-23  Yangtze River New Finance Conference in Digital Economy & Award Ceremony  

2021-06-23  Digital Financial Innovation Competition in Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing  

2021-06-15  Seminar on Legislation Trend on Personal Information Protection Law and Data Security Law  

2021.05.20-21 The Second Biennial NBER-SAIF Research Conference