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Supply Chain Finance


There is an emerging gap between supply chain finance demand and supply in China. The supply chain finance products is leg behind market demand.
On the other hand, financial institutions are facing the challenge of providing effective and innovative supply chain products equipping with effective risk management system. 

  • •  Strategy solution

    Providing strategic solutions to financial institutions by studying and analyzing best practice in this area

    •  Risk management

    Providing unique risk management solution to solve credit risk in supply chain finance, and emphasizing operational risk in the process

    •  Market analysis

    Studying market trend and policy to better understand product and risk

    •  Product innovation

    Providing analysis of source of risk and risk allocation strategy

    •  Research collaboration

    Collaboration of research on supply chain finance trend and supply chain finance platform development

  • Supply Chain Finance team is leading by Prof. Chang Chun, who is a well-known scholar in researching supply chain finance in China. In 2009,  Prof. Chang and his team published ‘Supply Chain Finance’ in China, the project was co-conducted by CEIBS and Shenzhen Development Bank