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Enterprise Risk Management


Enterprises face uncertainty in daily business operation, which may erode or enhance its value.
Enterprise risk management helps enterprises to effectively deal with various types of risks (such as hazard, strategic, operational, financial, political or legal risks), thus creating or preserving value for the stakeholders.

  • •  Understand risk:
      •  Identify types of risk exposures
      •  Estimate probabilities and impact of risks
      •  Consider the correlation between risks and measure combined impact on the financial performance such as earnings and cash flows
    •  Optimize strategy & operations:
      •  Determine risk tolerance and optimal mix of strategies
      •  Monitor changes in risk exposures, probabilities and impact
      •  Adjust strategy & implementation
  • •  Quantify risk exposures and the impact by risk modeling
    •  Quantify correlation and diversification effects of various types of risks, and optimize the aggregate risk