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Chiu, Tzu-Kuan

Term Associate Professor
Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance


Educational Background

Ph.D.  Finance, University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D.  Candidate, Applied Ethics, Columbia University
B.S.    Philosophy, National Taiwan University


Before joining the faculty at SAIF in 2015, she taught at California State University (San Jose campus) in the U.S. and National Central University in Taiwan, and worked for corporations in New Jersey.

Honors / Achievements

In her previous affiliations, she served a number of administrative positions to lead the university museum and advancement center. She has been involved in research projects in the field of corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and sustainability rating with companies like Delta Electronics and government agencies like the Taiwan Stock Exchange. She serves on the board of a number of not-for-profit organizations, including the Business Ethics Association in the Greater China, the Lida Foundation, and the S.F. Hu Education Foundation.

Short BIO

Prof. Chiu has authored and edited books in corporate governance, corporate finance, and business ethics, and published articles in the field of microfinance and corporate social responsibility in the Journal of Business Ethics. In addition, she has developed a CSR database for Taiwan, which is the first in emerging countries and serves as a baseline case. Her research interests lie in understanding the conceptual foundation of ethical issues in finance, including financial inclusion and social justice, ethical suitability of financial products, potential and limits of sustainable and responsible investment, and environmental challenges for financial institutions. She is also involved in the modernization of Confucianism by combining the traditional doctrine with contemporary management science.


Working Paper

  • 1. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, 2015, Factors influencing microfinance engagements by formal financial institutions, Journal of Business Ethics.
    2. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, and Yi-Hsin Wang, 2015, Determinants of social disclosure quality in Taiwan: An application of stakeholder theory, Journal of Business Ethics.
    3. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, 2014, Putting responsible finance to work for Citi microfinance, Journal of Business Ethics.
    4. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, 2010, Information manipulation and unfair investor outcome: Retail structured products in Taiwan, Taiwan Finance Quarterly.