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Zhao, Bin

Assistant Professor of Finance
Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance


Educational Background

Ph.D., Finance, University of Wisconsin-Madison,


Member of Ph.D. and Research Committee, Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2008

Honors / Achievements

Ph.D. Research Award, School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2009
Doctoral Fellowship, School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2006-2009

Short BIO

Professor Zhao’s research interest is concentrated on how wealth distribution and social interaction will affect the financial market. In addition to this, she has also done work on firms’ issuance decisions, loan collateral and contract design. She has done both theoretical and empirical work in these fields.


  • Trading for Status
    (with Harrison Hong, Wenxi Jiang)
    What can be learnt from firm’s issuance decision?
    (with Antonio S. Mello)
    Firm’s issuance decision in different market conditions
    (with Antonio S. Mello)
    Asset redeployability and collateral bundling
    (with Antonio S. Mello)
    Equity recycling
    (with Antonio S. Mello and William C. Weld)
    Familiarity, convenience, and commodity money: Spanish and Mexican silver dollars in Qing and Republican China
    (with Warren Bailey)