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Liu, Hong

Professor of Finance
Washington University in St. Louis


Educational Background

Ph.D. in Financial Economics, University of Pennsylvania, USA


Professor Liu currently is Professor of Finance in Washington University in St. Louis and has been the Academic Director of the Master of Science in Finance Program since 2008. He had worked for State Planning Commission of P. R. China (1990-1992) as an economist.

Honors / Achievements

Marcile and James Reid Chair for consistent excellence in teaching from Olin School of Business First Prize of Geewax, Terker & Company Prize in Investment Research for 1998

Short BIO

Professor Liu’s research areas are optimal consumption and investment with frictions, asset pricing, and market microstructure. His papers and researches have appeared in Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Economic Theory, and other leading academic journals. He had co-authored a book, Recent Developments in Mathematical Finance, which had posted impressive influence on the studies of investments and consumptions with market imperfections. Professor Liu is a member of American Finance Association, Western Finance Association, American Econometric Society, and Econometric Society.


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Working Paper

  • Is Capital Gains Tax Law Biased against Low Income Investors?
  • Why Can Bid-ask Spreads Decrease with Information Asymmetry? A New Model of Market Making